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Roads Section
Offaly County Council
Áras an Chontae
Charleville Road
Co. Offaly
R35 F893

Phone: 057 9346800
Fax: 057 9346868
Email: roads@offalycoco.ie

Welcome to the Roads Section of Offaly County Council. 

The aim of Offaly County Council is to provide and develop transportation and infrastructural networks for sustainable, environmental, economic and balanced regional development purposes.

Roads are the dominant mode of transport in Ireland and therefore of critical importance to our every day life.  Offaly County Council is the Road Authority for the public road network in the County and therefore has a duty to maintain these roads.

Map of County Engineering Areas.pdf (size 1.2 MB)


Winter Service Plan 2016 - 2017

The purpose of this document is to identify the processes, procedures and key personnel
employed by Offaly County Council, to deliver the winter service operation for County Offaly.

Winter Service Plan 2016-2017.pdf (size 2.2 MB)

Public Notice : Period for Hedge Cutting

Landowners are reminded by Offaly County Council that the period for Hedge Cutting runs from 1 st September 2015 to the 29th February, 2016. Landowners have a responsibility to ensure that hedges, ditches, trees or any other vegetation growing on their land are not or could not become a danger to people using or working on a public road.

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